We believe fashion is for all ages, and at Young Socialites Clothier we want to make sure each young person has the clothing options to fit their unique style and self-expression!

About the owner

I’m Naima Melonson, owner and designer at Young Socialites Clothier. Over the last 25 years, I have been a well-respected designer, business owner, and event coordinator. I previously owned a women’s retail business before shifting my focus to trendy children’s apparel and eye-catching events.

As a self-taught entrepreneur, I know what it takes to succeed. Now, I want use my knowledge to help young people achieve their dreams and ambitions. At just 12-years-old I produced my first fashion show, and I haven’t stopped creating ever since! This is why I am proud to offer events for children to showcase their own talents, such as modeling and performing.

Giving young people the clothes and a platform to build their confidence is our mission. Young Socialites Clothier is the first and only African-American Female owned children's brand in Detroit, Michigan who also created a fashion model magazine in which every piece is exclusively designed and organized by me. I am thrilled to be able to pave new paths and give others a road to success.

Over the last 8 years the Young Socialites Clothier brand has developed into a powerhouse for kids’ style and as a talent platform. We are thrilled to be a go-to resource for fashionable clothes and chasing dreams.

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